Throughout the different stages of your professional life, your financial situation will change and so will your lifestyle and long term goals. The Odyssey team can assist you by guiding you in making the best decisions possible to achieve your goals.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself:


 How would you survive without an income?

Would you be able to afford the additional medical expenses should you fall ill, would your savings carry you through an extended time of illness? How will your family cope without you?

 What are your financial and lifestyle goals?

When would you like to purchase your own home? Or perhaps are you ready for an investment property? Do you want a diversified share portfolio aimed at building your wealth?

 What plans have you made for your retirement?

Do you know how your superannuation works and where it is invested? How much will you need to have saved for retirement? What are your goals and objectives when you retire?

Taking care of business. 

You will probably find yourself faced with a whole host of questions. What is the best type of cover for you? How much will it cost? And who should provide it?


Your Odyssey Adviser can work with you to help find a solution that is best for you, your circumstances and your business.