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The Odyssey Difference.

 At Odyssey, we provide you with holistic, multi-dimensional advice with the aim of giving you sustainable financial strategies that meet your needs and goals. We do not promote quick fixes to issues, but rather, we prefer to look at your whole situation to truly give targeted and meaningful advice.

It is important to note that not all financial planners offer the same service. Our areas of expertise include: insurance, investment, superannuation, self-managed superannuation funds, wealth creation and cashflow management.

However, our key difference is in the quality of the service we provide you and the dedication of our diverse and highly experienced team.

Seeking Insurance?

Firstly, we are not here to do a ‘hard’ sell. Almost all of our business comes through direct referrals from our existing client base. Simply put, we are passionate about educating people in the areas of life insurance, income protection, critical illness insurance and total and permanent disability insurance.

Would you drive an uninsured car? Live in an uninsured house? Then why wouldn’t you look after the most precious things of all? Life and Income Protection Insurance are two of the most important insurances. The sooner you make the decision to take out life insurance, the more peace of mind you will have for yourself and more importantly, your family. If you wait until you are ill or have an accident the harder it will be to obtain the insurance you want. It is while you are healthy and fit that you can usually get the best insurance cover.

You may be thinking….

“I’ve got private health insurance. That’s all I need.”

That’s absolutely fine when it comes to paying medical bills, but what about living expenses, mortgage repayment and education expenses?

“But I already have insurance in my super.”

When it comes to insurance through super, it’s important to check the type of cover you have. Is it a level or stepped premium? Is it indemnity or agreed value? The amounts you’re insured for may not be adequate for your needs. The policy may not include income protection, and the claims process could be quite restrictive too. Our consultants will educate you on these important issues. Insurance through your superannuation is not necessarily giving you the cover you require. An average $15.9 million was paid to 251 Australians every working day in 2011. This is what advisers and Life Insurers make happen. This enormous amount of $3.9 billion would not be paid at all if it weren’t for the work that is done with consumers, by advisers, to protect family lifestyles and assets and businesses from the devastating effects of illness and injuries.

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